About Ann

Ann has been a psychotherapist for 32 years.

She began incorporating spirituality into her counseling work when clients said no one was talking about this subject in their lives. She has felt for many years that attending to and integrating body, mind, emotion, and spirit are all important, and all spiritual. And that is how she approaches her therapy work. Honoring our human diversity, Ann adheres strongly to the idea that there are many ways to our spiritual evolution. She honors everyone’s experience and inclination, and supports each person in their unique style.

Ann is a writer. She’s written a number of articles, blogs, for YourTango and Health and Fitness Magazine. Her book, “A Touch of Light, Opening to the Love That Is You and All Creation” is coming out in 2022.

Ann has been on her own spiritual journey for many years. Coming from an atheist household, she wondered at 15 years old if that were really the whole story. In her 20’s she began to explore many spiritual approaches. She has learned from and taken wisdom from these many styles. So that now she has her own brand of connecting to Light.

Ann has been leading meditations for years. She can hear, see, feel the energy coming from the family of Source and communicate that during the meditations. She has made friends with many amazing Light Beings who are here to help us uncover our True Love Selves. When she invites them to show up, they do, if that is the best move in the moment. Her heartfelt desire is for you to uncover the You that has always been there, that is Love.